Anonymous asked:

i'm sorry, but i think it's really weird that you talk about body positivity and society standards while also reblogging "exercises for your booty"-shit. it really upsets me. all this focus on how the body looks. i can't believe that you participate in that

cleanbodyfreshstart answered:

You’re allowed to love your body and work on it! :) exercise isn’t a bad thing, it’s a healthy thing. Building string muscles, a strong body. + endorphins are actually a wonderful thing!

There’s a balance, and obviously you haven’t found it yet.
Loving yourself is acceptance, but that doesn’t mean if you exercise you aren’t body positive.
Don’t you dare come to MY blog, and message me like this // I am doing no wrong and I certainly do not need your judgement on my actions. YOU choose to visit my blog.

I have always loved exercise, and I’m getting back into it (hopefully), that doesn’t mean I don’t love myself or am body positive.. Where’s yo damn perspective

Some people just love to complain


Anonymous asked:

what do u think about nicki skinny shaming in anaconda?

prayistrash answered:

I think skinny ppl can turn off her song and open literally any magazine, watch any other video or movie and tv show and see their body types idealized and praised

Are we saying now that nicki minaj isn’t skinny? Have you guys seen her tiny waist? Her natural five-years-ago body is not what I’d call big in any way, just curvy (not to its current extent). Besides I don’t look anything like magazine models nor do I have a big ass (so I guess I’m a skinny bitch? ) so how can someone tell me that my not curvy but not flat either body is represented everywhere???